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Being an avid outdoorsman, hunting enthusiast, conservationist, and conscientious taxidermist I recognize the importance of each and every mount to be anatomically correct, lifelike, and exhibited as found in nature. I understand the anticipation, cost, and timeline that go into every hunt along with the expectation that goes with every mount we as sportsman presume will capture the essence of that living creature and displayed in proper fashion.

My work reflects the many years studying animal anatomy, muscular and skeletal mechanics. Being a perfectionist I pay close attention with the muscle to bone correlation, correct eye and ear location, proper rotation and degree of angle achieved during the natural fluid of motion. Understanding intricate skin locations and hair patterns that animals possess on their face and body. This level of excellence and attention to the smallest detail is paramount to reproducing a specimen with true lifelike appearance.

I love being a taxidermist and artist taking great pride in my work. I respect the investment that went into procuring your trophy and in return I am committed to producing the highest degree of perfection in all of my mounts for each and every client.

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