How To Cape a Hog in the field.


These steps will give your taxidermist the best possible start in providing you with an outstanding finished mount.

A. Hang the hog from the hind feet.  (this procedure can be performed on the ground but will take a little more energy and time to complete)
B. One circular cut around the mid-section.
C. One circular cut at the wrist joint on both front legs.
D. Single cut from the wrist joint up to the elbow joint along the back of the front leg.
E. Skin / peel / tube the hide as if removing a sweater starting at the mid-section cut (B) working towards the skull.
F. Remove the hide from the carcass all the way to the intersection of the spine and the base of the skull then remove / separate the skull from the spine.
G. You have just caped out a hog. The skull is intact along with the hide.
H. Allow the hide to cool / dry and place in a breathable game bag. Keep the cape / hide in a cool place out of the sun or heat.
I. Once you get home place the cape/hide in a freezer. A frozen cape/hide will remain in good condition upwards of 6 months. If freezing it is not an option you need to get the cape to your taxidermist right away.
J. It’s always best to contact your taxidermist and touch base with him/her prior to heading out in the field. Find out how they want you to prep the cape / hide in the field and get their hours of operation.

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